"With pride, since 1904"

Taormina hotels
Taormina hotel

At Taormina,

In a magical mix of natural beauty, cultural attractions and gastronomic delights, this historic hotel takes the best things out of Taorminese traditions.

Always renewing passionate and special attentions in order to welcome you with a warm and genuine hospitality.

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Back in 374 BCE, where Andromache built the wall towards the sea, where famous individuals and artists lived the best days of their lives, where Taormina's luxurious life thrived, rises, as if suspended in time, theExcelsior Palace Hotel of Taormina.

This historic hotel in Taormina was built right when the area was becoming an exclusive tourist destination, keeping an indisoluble bond with traditions, culture and hospitality of the territory.

A hotel is worthy of the history of Taormina when, just like the Excelsior Palace Hotel, it represents the quintessence of its charm, when the splendours of the past re-live in the present, when tradition and modernity come together in the name of hospitality and comfort.